About Me . . .

How It Started!

During the pandemic I started by making masks for myself.  After realizing I had far too much fabric to ever use in a lifetime for myself, I started giving them away for free. In the absence of government action, I felt it was important that everyone should have access to reusable masks. After I began seeing the impact of the pandemic on the economy and that the extended shutdowns were causing increasing food insecurity and other problems, my project grew into a partial fundraising effort.

​I have a full time job and sew on weekends. I feel so fortunate to be be able to do both and through that also support the community.

As my comfort level with sewing has grown so too have my creations and the need for a more efficient ordering system - hence moving from a link on my Instagram to a simple google form to a website.

I hope you find something that brings you joy. It brought me joy to make it. 

Check out more about my mask story in this interview with The Bold Italic